Jennifer Hales - September 12th, 2005

Soft water is one of those things you really don’t appreciate until you have it in your own home. I had always understood that soft water was for folks who had problematic pipes or lived in the country – that was then! Since recently purchasing a machine from Salt of the Earth and having in installed in my own home I cannot believe all of its benefits. My husband has psoriasis and after having soft water, the psoriasis has not only decreased in its outbreaks but the frequent itching associated with such a skin problem have all but disappeared! I have also noticed a difference in the way it makes my hair feel and function. I am proud to say that I have officially acquired “rock star” hair. After each wash my hair feels cleaner and I don’t have to use near as much product as I used to need with hard water. It is softer and healthier.
I would also like to compliment you on your service. I was thoroughly impressed with your sons, Jake and Kris. What a professional, knowledgeable, pleasant team they were to have working in my home. The work they performed to install the machine was involved and they never cut any corners. They left my laundry room (where the machine was installed) looking cleaner then they found it! They are GREAT ambassadors for Salt of the Earth.
It is no secret; I am a lifelong fan of soft water and Salt of the Earth. Thank you for such quality service at such an affordable price.
Jennifer Hales
Satisfied Customer

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