Ambassador II Chemical Free Filter!

The Ambassador II system can be tailored to treat your specific water problems. The system can remove iron, manganese, sediment and hydrogen sulfide while correcting pH and removing objectionable odors.

All without using expensive chemicals, making this system Eco-Friendly
The Ambassador II is better for the environment.

  • Chemical-free regeneration.
  • Reduces the need for household cleaners.
  • Assists your softener, reducing the load and regeneration requirements.

The bottom line? The Ambassador II can save you time and money!

How Does It Work?

The Ambassador II works by adding oxygen to the incoming water by passing it through the compressed air captured in the top of the media tank.

The contaminants are oxidized, causing the contaminant to precipitate as a solid. The filter media then traps the solids. As more water passes thru the unit the oxygen is depleted and the filter media captures the precipitants it has filtered. The regeneration process then automatically replenishes the supply of oxygen and cleans the media.

The Control:

The valve features the ProFlo SXT high performance control. It has superior flow rates compared to the 5600 and 2510 valve, allowing installation on larger tanks for bigger homes with less pressure loss.

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